After Hours

Consent by Proxy



Vaccine Information

For more information regarding all vaccines, visit the CDC's website:

Lab Services

Some basic laboratory services are provided at all offices. In some instances, depending on managed care requirements, we will refer the child directly to the laboratory where the necessary test is to be done.

After Hours

One physician of the Somerset Pediatric Group will be on call each evening, weekend and holiday. Services are intended to be for those children who have an acute condition requiring immediate intervention. Some of these acute problems may also be resolved by a telephone consultation with the pediatrician on call. Problems of less than urgent nature should be addressed during regular hours. If the doctor is not at the office at the time of your after hours call, the answering service will take your name, phone number and information regarding the problem. Calls will be relayed to the doctor. If the matter is urgent please make this clear to the operator. Night-time calls will be referred to a special Pediatric Nurse Triage Service. The professionally trained nurse will evaluate your child’s problem, provide information and advice. The on-call doctor will be called if the problem requires a physician's attention. Please remove your caller ID and call block to receive a call back.

Consent by Proxy:

Minor-aged patients are often brought to the office by someone other than their custodial parents or guardian. The physicians cannot provide non-emergent care to any patient accompanied by someone other than their parents or legal guardian. The parents are required to provide us with written documentation of their consent. In extreme circumstances, verbal consent will be accepted. Parents should anticipate these visits and arrange for the person bringing the child to the office have written consent from the parent or legal guardian. The person accompanying the child may be asked to show proof of identity so make sure they are prepared. The following items should be included in the consent letter:

Parents/Legal Guardian full name

Child’s full name

Child’s date of birth

Name of all persons you are giving consent to for treatment of your child

Exact service they may offer consent for and limitations on service

Contact information for the parents